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We come in contact with bacteria and viruses every day, and currently Covid-19 is the main threat to our daily lives. No need to show how dangerous this is! For effective protection, we decided to market a high-quality, completely stainless hand sanitizer.

What this hand sanitizer does is nothing more than simplicity, and that’s what makes it maximally reliable.

After mapping the domestic market, it can be stated that the hand disinfection equipment currently on the market is mostly ideal for less demanding places. Regular hand sanitizers come with a maximum capacity of 1 liter. This places a heavy burden on dedicated personnel. We are thinking here of filling the machine, providing and checking the power supply.

In contrast, we offer a high-capacity device. A single charge is enough for up to 10,000 hand disinfections.

Thus, we recommend:


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– high-traffic events (eg sporting events, theater performances, concerts, conferences),

– industrial facilities

– public education and health institutions

– hotel and catering units.

– or wherever we consider the protection of human hygiene important

Mechanical, does not require any power source, can be operated with a foot pump.

Without the automatic tank, it can hold ~ 25 kg and can hold 5 or 10 liter tanks. 1200 mm high, 270 mm wide and 270 mm deep.

Made of stainless steel, mechanical (can be operated with a foot pump) so the risk of failure is minimal. No maintenance required.

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Stainless Steel



environmentally friendly

Distributor: UNITEL-GSM BT. 4024 DEBRECEN PIAC street 68

Unit Price: 690 £ +VAT

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